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Donor egg treatment

Donor Egg IVF provides hope to women with very low ovarian reserve

IVF using eggs from a fertile donor is an option for women whose own ovaries produce very few eggs despite stimulation. Like other forms of IVF, this is regulated by the HFEA in the UK. There is a shortage of egg donors in the UK, which means that many couples travel abroad for this treatment.

Mr Mathur is able to offer donor egg IVF in co-ordination with a reputable European clinic with excellent success rates. Donors are young fertile women who are screened to standards accepted in UK practice. Mr Mathur provides all the care and treatment needed in the UK, so that you only have to travel abroad for a short period of time. Follow-up appointments and early pregnancy ultrasound are offered as part of the package.

An important point to consider is that, if treatment is carried out in a UK clinic, children born from treatment can find out the identity of the donor when they reach the age of 18. In certain other countries the rules are different - here the identity of the donor is anonymous and cannot be revealed.

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